Granting from your fund

For Donors

We're here to ensure that your charitable giving is easy, personal and rewarding. Whether you have an abundant knowledge of our community or would like information about organizations that align with your interest, we can help.


Our grantmaking services include:

  • Performing due diligence on all recommended organizations to ensure you are granting to a qualified nonprofit organization in sound standing.
  • Preparing grant award letters and checks in the name of your fund (or you can choose to donate anonymously).
  • Providing quarterly reports on your granting activity.
  • Forwarding any acknowledgements received from organizations who receive grants.
  • Informing you of emerging needs in the community
  • Serving as your eyes and ears to identify organizations that match your interests
  • Researching potential grantees or areas of interest
  • Arranging a contact to a nonprofit you would like to know more about
  • Providing advice about strategic grantmaking or how to include your family in philanthropy


When you are ready to start granting from your fund:

  • We will provide you with the amount you have available to spend* from your fund annually, based on the Fund Agreement.
  • Send us a written recommendation using the Grant Recommendation Form or contact Lauren Weber, Program Officer at or 970-304-9970.


Guidelines for Grant Recommendations (Donor-Advised Funds)

Grant Recommendations Form (Donor-Advised Funds)

Disbursement Request Form (Special Project/Pass Through Funds)


Expendable Funds
Most of our charitable funds are permanently endowed – meaning, they exist in perpetuity. For those funds, the Community Foundation’s Board sets the spending policy that determines the amount available for your grant recommendations. Currently, you may annually grant 5 percent of your fund, based on the trailing average of the fair value of the fund for the twelve (12) quarters prior to the end of the fiscal year preceding the year in which the grant is made. Absent an agreement to the contrary, if the fair value of an endowment fund on the last day of any fiscal year is less than that fund’s historic dollar value, there will be no appropriation.


Colorado Nonprofit Week is March 3 through 7

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